The cover

The cover
The cover

Dienstag, 5. April 2011

Chapter 19

Summary  with pictures

„I’m sorry that I wasted so much time with my questions,”Jonas said. “I was only asking about        release beause my father is releasing a newchild today.A twin.”

"I think you should," The Giver told him firmly.
"All right, then," Jonas said. "Tell me how."

The Giver rose from his chair, went to the speaker on the wall, and clicked the switch from OFF to ON.
"Suddenly he could see windowless room... -It's just an ordinary room."

"Shh," the Giver said , his eyes on the screen. "Obediently Jonas concentrated on the screen,waiting for what would happen next."

"Jonas's father,wearing his nurturing uniform, entered the room, cradling a tiny newchild wrapped in a soft blanket in his arms."   

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  1. Talea,

    these are well-chosen pictures that help us as readers to get an idea of how you / one can read the story. It's cool that you also give the quotations that go with the pictures.
    Can you also give the sources of the pictures you used?