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The cover
The cover

Dienstag, 12. April 2011

Chapter 20

The plan of escape ( detailed chronology)

  1. In the weeks before the December Ceremony:                                        Transfer of every memory of courage and strength to Jonas, which he  would need to find Elsewhere.
  2. The night before the Ceremony: Jonas secretly leaves his dwelling at midnight, when there are neither Food Collecters nor Path-Maintenance Crews.
  3. Wearing an extra set of clothing he takes his bicycle to the riverbank and leaves it there hidden in bushes with the clothing folded beside it.
  4. Then he walks on foot to the Annex, where no nighttime attendant is.
  5. The Giver will have left the door open. 
  6. Next morning the Giver orders a vehicle and driver and Speaker. When the driver and vehicle arrive the Giver sends the driver away.In his absence the Giver helps Jonas hide in the storage area of the vehicle. Jonas has with him a bundle of foot, which the Giver has saved from own meals.
  7. When the Ceremony begins Jonas and the Giver are own their way.
  8. When Jonas' bicycle and clothing are found the Giver has returned and Jonas is on his way to Elsewhere.
  9. The Giver makes the announcement that Jonas has been lost in the river and he starts the Ceremony of Loss.

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  1. This plan just seems to fits to the rules of the community, but I guess it has to since this is the only way to trick the ELders and the members of the community...