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Dienstag, 19. April 2011

Chapter 11 +12

The last events with the point of view from The Giver :

In the last two days I gave Jonas a lot of memories :
  • A memory of snow, hills and a sleigh ride
  • A memory of sunshine
---> These memories should help Jonas to understand the difference between "coldness" and "warmth". Moreover these memories are very nice and I want to give him the chance to a little bit childhood in spite of the hard job of a Receiver.
  • A memory of sunburn
---> This memory I showed Jonas that memories can be painful. But I showed him just physical pain for now.  Heartache he'll feel early enough.
  • And I helped him to see the colour. ( He began to see the colour - red! )
---> This memory I showed him, because when he had seen beyond, the hair of his friend Fiona was changed. ( she's red-haired). He was very confused about it and so I told him about the colours. I try to explain, which colour faces ( flesh) ,too. In the end I gave him a memory of a rainbow.

First memories:


Second memories:

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The Giver's point of view :

I like Jonas. He is a diligent,conscientious, brave and clever boy. When I was a child I might have been similar to him. Also I like his curiosity and that he asks a lot. He trust me and teachable. I was very proud, when he came to me after he has seen beyond. He's able to combine memories and feelings very fast, although he actually doesn't know them.
But suddenly his questions are a little bit difficult and


  1. Talea,
    It's such a nice idea to not always tell the memories and the story from Jonas' point of view. I really enjoyed reading the Giver's thought and reasons for giving exactly those memories to Jonas.

    Mind the tense in which you write (choose either present or past forms) and fon't forget about the 3rd pers. sg. -s in the present tense.
    Here some more detailed help with one of your sentences:
    I want to give him the chance to FEEL a little bit LIKE A child

  2. By the way: Amazing pictures. I think it must have taken a lot of efford to put them into such a slideshow.