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Mittwoch, 20. April 2011

E-mail to Ms Brunstein

Dear Miss Brunstein,

I think it very interesting to work in this way. I even think it motivates todays media-oriented young.To design an individual blog is not only fun, it also encourages getting active in a creative sense. Of course it takes a lot of diligence and good will, since it really is a lot of work, but I’m convinced that the pupils are willing to make such an effort when they get the opportunity not to have to follow dully the well known and sometimes banal  instructions and tasks of the teacher. You are freer in this way of working ( I won’t do anything today, because I’m busy, so I’ll do double as much tomorrow).  It’s less stress that way. Of course it is difficult to produce good posts, when it’s hard for you to understand the book, but I’ve become more confident with regard to English reading while I have been reading.
I have really liked the individual way of working with selfgiven tasks and the design. Moreover you can see every time what you have achieved. The larger the blog the more stisfied you are with your work. I like being able to see a result and to get positive feedback or  good and objective criticism by way of the comments from the others. In the normal lessons the pupil is often left uncertain about what he or his mates achieve and he consequently loses control.
All in all it is strenuous and demanding, but in spite of that I like this way of working, because
I also noticed how much it seemed to me that my writing  became more fluent while I was writing the posts.

Greetings from

Yours Talea

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  1. Perfect. Well-structured line of thought, good arguments and I can only agree with you - your writing has improved a lot! Congrats!