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Donnerstag, 3. März 2011

Homework Chapter 1)

The first chapters are told with flashbacks. Jonas feels frightened as if something terrible would happen. He thinks of the first time he saw the aircraft and of his classmate Asher. He thinks about all this, while he's  walking home and thinks about his special feeling. Finally he decides, that he's apprehensive rather than frightened. This seems to be connected with the December, he has waited for so long . Moreover he seems to live in a strict community with a lot of rules at school, in the family and in gerneral. In the second chapter the reader realizes a family tradition: A kind of conference, where every member of the family  talks about his feelings.
In the end of the second chapter his parents have a serious conversation with him in course of which his little sister Lily is sent away, because she's too young. But she seems know what it is about. At this point of the story the reader realizes that something very important will happen in the future.

Characters we get to know:

  • reflective
  • seems to be introverted
  • twelve-year-old boy
  • something special will happen with him in this December
  • curious
  • teachable
  • caring
  • her feelings were always straightforward, fairly simple,usually easy to resolve.
  • seven-yearold sister of Jonas
Their parents


  1. Talea I know it's hard stuff but .. this all happened in chapter one.
    But it's a good summary of the first chapter ;)

  2. This is really good :D you had the most important facts in your summary and captured the characters of Lily and Jonas really well!

  3. Heyhoo it's me.. Roddylein <3 *twinkle twinkle*
    in my opinion you did a very great job *.*
    why are you speaking so quietly ? o_O you should try to speak louder its helpful ;)

    in love.. your super-duper Roddy *lovely look*

  4. I think the idea of a conference fits my reading thoughts about the family sitting together and telling their feelings. Do you think this is a natural thing?

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  6. Hello everybody :) Thanks for your comments. I enjoy if you like my posts. @ Roddy : Thank you for this lovely words. I think I know my problem ;) I should really speak a little louder. Great advice,super-duper Roddy! And please don't look in this way ...I become weak ;p
    @ Mrs. Brunstein : No, I think it is special. In good families or in very strict families it can happen...but I don't think it's the normal case...