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Montag, 14. März 2011

Chapter 3+4 - Summary

Chapter 3)

Summary : When they arrive at home with Gabe, Lily notices his pale eyes. Jonas,too observes that Gabe, like he himself, has a certain depth in his look. Lily dreams of being a Birthmother, but Jonas tells her that it's better to be a Nurturer, because there's little honor in being a Birthmother. An Announcement is made when Jonas takes an apple home with him. He only took it, because he had noticed a change of the apple, while playing with it. He still thinks about the incident in the evening.

Chapter 4 )

Summary: Jonas is looking for Asher with who he wants to spent his volunteer hours. He finally finds him and a girl named Fiona at the House of the Old. After getting his sign-up sheet stamped and sealed he joins Asher and Fiona who are helping in the bathing room. While bathing Larissa, she tells him about the celebration of the release of Roberto and Edna, the telling of his life and how he bowed to all of them and then walked through the special door in the Releasing Room. Larissa finds Roberto's life exciting and Edna's life boring and unimprtant, because she was just a Birthmother. From this you can conclude that in the eyes of the community it isn't a good job. Larissa can't answer Jonas' question where the released go and what happens to them. A part from that she thinks that nobody knows it,except the committee.

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