The cover

The cover
The cover

Dienstag, 15. März 2011

Chapter 5


contribut        -   beisteuern, einen Beitrag leisten
rarely             -   selten
grasp             -   auffassen,erfassen,verstehen
vividly            -   eindringlich,lebhaft
lengthy           -   übermäßig lang
discuss           -   erörtern, sich über etwas beraten
disquieting      -   beunruhigend
infraction        -   Übertretung, Verletzung
chastise          -   jmdn. stafen
reluctantly      -   ungern,widerstrebend
dealt              -   gehandelt
punishment     -   Strafe
citizen            -    der Bürger / die Bürgerin
frowning        -    finster,stirnrunzelnd
odd               -    merkwürdig,sonderbar
chest             -    Brust
perspiring      -    schwitzend
plate             -     Bank
embarrassed -     verlegen,verwirrt,betreten
convince       -     überreden
murky           -     trüb,dunkel
wiggle           -     schlängeln,wackeln
instructor      -     der Ausbilder / die Ausbilderin
tray              -     die Ablage
Stirring         -     das Rühren (hier ist Jonas' neuartiges Gefühl gemeint)
mentioned    -     betreffend, erwähnt
treatment      -     Behandlung, Bearbeitung
apply to s.o. -     sich an jemanden wenden
reassuring     -     beruhigend
affectionate   -     herzlich,liebevoll,teilnehmend
brightened    -     aufgehellt (aufgemuntert)
rude             -     gemein,grob,unverschämt
swallow       -     schlucken
dosage        -     die Dosis
adjust         -      anpassen
confide       -      vertraulich mitteilen
oddly         -       seltsam
pleasurable -      angenehm
upon          -      an,auf
disappear   -      verschwinden,erlöschen


This video fits very good to chapter 5, because everything is very stiff and motionless. The music transfers gentle feelings with its seeming of unblameable sweetly sound. But  actually both, the video and the chapter, are about abort feelings : passion and appetency. Actually this video has the atmospere of desperation and if Jonas wouldn't take his pills I think he would feel the same...


Poam about chapter 5

At first it was just a little,innocent dream
My thoughts are  virgin and confused...

But they 're mine
and was so fine
you can't reckless steal
those traumas never heal...

I'm really not amused !

(You must just allow
this new emotions.....)

Work up the courage to feel!
The reason why I seal:
I was full of social fears
Today I'm standing to my laugh and tears.

The dream was so promising
what  a sweetly, unusual  thing...

Beautiful warth everywhere
I never felt like this before
maybe this "New-thing" need my care
Want to dream it one time more...

And now it's lost until I'm old?
Start to revolt,
start to revolt!
And liberate yourself.

"But it shall stay a single time"
Whispers all the pills...
 And you don't rid the feeling,that...
          These pills kills!


  1. You really worked hard on chapter 5! I'm absolutely impressed!

    As I'm always attracted by videos, I first of all had a look at the video - I like the XX and I find the video and your comment / explanation fitting to chapter 5 as well. It actually helped me to think about how feelings are "steered" in the community and that made me feel uncomfortable.

    The vocab list always helps you and others to work on your language - and enables to you to understand not only the most important things in the book, but give you the opportunity to get into the novel's depth! Well done!

    Your poem is full of emotions and captures Jonas' emotions very well - I especially like the lines
    "Start to revolt,
    start to revolt!
    And liberate yourself."

    Well done!!!

  2. I really like your poem. It fits to the content and puts feelings across. Good work!