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Dienstag, 15. März 2011

Chapter 7)

immediately    -   gleich,umgehend
irritation         -   die Irritation, die Verärgerung
indicating       -   die Anzeige
mischief         -   die Gefahr, der Schaden
unworthy       -   unwürdig
exasperated   -   außer sich, entnervt
toddler          -   das Kleinkind
maturity         -   die Reife, der Termin, die Fristigkeit
progress        -   der Fortschritt, der Ablauf, die Entwicklung  
exchanged     -   ausgetauscht
duplication     -   Verdopplung
tattletale        -   Schwätzer, Quasselstrippe
solemnly       -   feierlich,festlich

Diary entry of jonas :

Dear diary,

I've never felt so invisible and inconsiderable in my whole life. But I want to tell you the story from the beginning.
It was the day of Assignment.  We sat in the very front, immediately before the stage. We were arranged by our original numbers. I'm Nineteen, because I had been the nineteenth newchild born in my year. I sat there and knew that very soon I would not be an Eleven but a Twelve, and age would no longer matter...I was very excited! Asher was Four, and sat now in the row ahead of me. Fiona was Eighteen and sat on my left. When the Chief Elder in her speech said "But today we honor your differences. They have determined your futures." I was very confused after this since  I really didn't know what were my differences to the other Elevens. I was uncertain what was special about me. Then she began to describe this year's group and its variety of personalities, though she singled no one by name. The following procedure dragged on. I was seriously trying to recognize each reference- But if I'm thoughts were always with myself.
I was feeling like a damn egoist! But I noticed that Asher's Assignment was very funny and furthermore that he and Fiona got "jobs" , which made them happy and satisfied. After Fiona it would have been my turn. But when the Twenty was called up, I realized that I had been skipped !!!
My first thought was that it was a mistake. I was sure, though that it was very unlikely that the Chief Elder did anything wrong. I panicked and got stunned. Although I was like in a trance for the rest of the ceremony, I felt the eyes of the others looking at me. And in the end there was only despair and I wondered what wrong I had done ???!!!
I will tell you the rest of the amazing ceremony soon...but I'm so tired now and just want to go to bed. There is so much unbelievable happend.
- A big change...
- A little bit patience ;-)

Good night !


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  1. Wow, this is really great. It almost feels like I'm being Jonas while reading this diary entry - you brilliantly described his feelings and thoughts!

    It's a pity you left me behind with such a cliffhanger (maybe you should start writing screenplays? ;-) ) because I'm really interested in the result of the ceremony.