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Donnerstag, 10. März 2011

Homework for 11.3.2011 ! Chapter 6)

The growing up of children in this community 

My Task: Special Features:

  1.  The Committee of Elders does the Matching of Spouses. An adult who applies to receive a spouse waits months or even years before a match is approved and announced. ( Factors are : Disposition, energy level, intelligence and interests.) The Matches are monitored by the Committee of Elders for three years before they can apply for children.
  2. The Naming placement of the new-children ( New-children can be labeled Inadequate and released from the community).There are replacement children, who replace a lost child . Consequently there is a Ceremony of Loss and a Murmur -of-Replacement Ceremony.These Ceremonies do not exist for released children.
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  4.  The Fours,Fives and Sixes wear jackets fastened down the back so that they would have to help each other dress and would learn interdependence.
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  7. The Sevens get a front-buttoned jacket ( The first sign of independence )
  8. The Eights receive jackets with smaller buttons and pockets,indicating that Eights can keep track of their own belongings. They do volunteer hours for the first time.
  9. Get a bicycle with a gleaming nametag
  10. The Tens get a new haircut: Females lose their braids. Males get a manly short style which exposes their ears.
  11. The Elevens get new clothing: different undergarments for the females, whose bodies were beginning to change; and longer trousers for the males, with a special pocket for a calculator that they would use this year in school.
  12. The Assignment.
Conclusion: The rules in this community are strict and inhumane. The people aren't free- but the system works well. Everybody is safe except  those who are released. But what's the meaning of "released"? What happens to those who are released? I think this community forms little function- oriented robots! Furthermore I think it's difficult to have a typical childhood  there with a chance to develop into an individual.


  1. Hey Talea. I think you worked the main points of the ages out. It makes sense and is good. Your conclusion is good, too, because you metioned the ideas of the community very well. I can tell you that they who were released went to Elsewhere. This is written in chapter 6. More information aren't there. Only that "Release was not the same as Loss." (chapter 6/page 41/l.20)We have to think about it ourselves, but do you think that this will be a wonderful place? I'm interested in your opinion.

  2. This is a really clear summary and an interesting conclusion. Can we say the society is inhumane when verybody seems so satisfied (I was going to say happy but that's the wrong word - perhaps it's a word that doesn't even exist here..) with the way things are..?